FL 05.5 – 2.5m Flume for Hydraulic Bench

This equipment is designed to study the behavior of fluids in open channels through a wide range of experiments.

    • Choice of negative and positive channel slope.
    • Various reading elements, gauge, limnimeter, Pitot tube, etc.
    • Wide variety of accessories for the study of multiple phenomena.
    • The length of this model offers the advantage, over shorter channels, of a good view of the uniform flow.
    • It includes a self-regulating valve to provide an appropriate flow rate at each moment.
    • The available flowmeter allows to know the flow rate of work at any time.
Other sizes available. Consult without obligation.
Learning Objectives
Among the different experiences to be realized are the following:
    • Study of the flow through open channels, measuring variables such as:
      • Water height.
      • Velocity at different points in a cross section..
    • Study of the uniform flow, gradually varying flow and behavior of the surface profiles.
    • Study and use of thin wall dumps for flow measurement.
      • Rectangular landfill without lateral contraction.
    • Use and study of thick wall dumps for flow measurement.
      • Rectangular landfill.
      • Triangular landfill.
    • Study and use of Venturi channel.
    • Analysis and study of flow under gates.
      • Vertical gate.
      • Radial gate.
    • Study of hydraulic stress.
    • Flow analysis on reservoir springs.
*Some practices may require optional accessories.
Technical Data
    • HD.Z.01 Water column multi-manometer for reading the pressure ports at the bottom of the channel.
Section of work:
    • Section of work (high/wide): 250 / 80 mm
    • Length: 5.000 mm
    • Adjustable -1%+3% of its length
    • Scale 1000-10000 l/h
    • Channel: Stainless steel
    • Channel walls: Transparent methacrylate 15mm thick
    • Deposits: Polypropylene
Included accessories:
    • HD.Z.01 multimanometer 4 tubes.
    • HD.Z.05 Pitot tube + Limnimeter.
    • HD.Z.10 Thin wall without shrinkage.
    • HD.Z.11 Vertical gate.
    • HD.Z.12 Radial gate.
Consult for other dimensions.
  • Basic Hydraulic Bench 250 l,  FL 01.6 equipment.
  • To carry out some of the practices, accessories of the HD.Z.xx range are required.
NOTE: The shown image is indicative.

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