FL 05.4 – 5m Flume for Hydraulic Bench

This equipment is designed to study the behavior of fluids in open channels through a wide range of experiments.

    • Choice between negative and positive channel slope.
    • A range of devices for reading different parametres, manometric gauges, limnimeter, Pitot tube, etc.
    • Wide range of accessories to study multiple phenomena.
    • It includes a valve to regulate the appropriate flow rate at any moment.
    • The flowmeter provides readings of the workflow rate at any time.
    • We can provide a range of flow channels in various sizes. Consult without compromise.
Learning Objectives
  • Study of flow through open channels , measuring variables such as:
    • Height of water.
    • Speed ​​at different points of a cross section .
  • Study of uniform flow , gradually varied flow and behavior of surface profiles .
  • Study and use of landfill sites for the thin-walled flow measurement.
    • Rectangular weir without lateral contraction .
  • Using dumps and study of thick wall for flow measurement .
    • Rectangular weir .
    • Triangular weir .
  • Study and use of Venturi channel .
  • Analysis and study of flow under doors .
    • Vertical gate .
    • Radial gate .
  • Study of the hydraulic jump .
  • Analysis of flow over spillways of dams .
* Some of the practices require optional accessories.
Technical Data
Composed by:
    • Channel, support structure.
    • Flow regulation.
    • Flow stabilization system composed by a honeycomb at the entrance, to minimize turbulence.
    • All the materials used are resistant to corrosion, especially in areas in contact with water.
    • Channel: Treated stainless steel.
    • Channel walls: 10mm thick laminated, tempered and bevelled glass.
    • Tanks: Treated stainless steel.
    • Legs: Treated and painted steel.
Section of work:
    • Section of work (high/wide): 300 / 87 mm.
    • Length: 5.000 mm.
    • Adjustable -1%+3% of its length.
    • Scale 1.000-10.000 l/h.
  • Basic Hydraulic Bench 250 l,  FL 01.6 equipment.
  • To carry out some of the experiments, accessories of the HD.Z.xx range are required.
NOTE: The shown image is indicative.