MM03 – Assembly and Maintenance: Centrifugal Multi-Steel Pump

The MM03 Mounting and Maintenance Kit allows the assembly and maintenance of a typical multi-stage centrifugal pump.


These pumps are commonly used in industry and water transportation. Thanks to the cutting, the student learns all the components of the pump and its operation.
The material is supplied placed and protected in a box for transport along with the necessary tools for its use.

Learning Objectives

The practice contains the necessary instructions for the assembly and disassembly of both devices, in addition to the necessary guidelines to carry out the maintenance and repair of the same.

Technical Data
Service data
Relative humidity of the air, continuous service as max. 55%
Ambient temperature from -20ºC to + 40ºC
Maximum height above sea level 1000m
Fabrication code
SK-20 03-LL-13-11-000
SK: Pump type
20: Pump size
03: Phases
LL: Axis support
13: Mechanical seal
11: Material

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