FL 14.3 – Ball Drop Viscosity Test

The FL 14.3 equipment is designed to determine in a quickly and easy way the dynamic viscosity of a fluid.


The equipment consists of a transparent tube, a ball and a magnet. The operation is simple and consists of filling the tube with the fluid we want to study, we drop the steel ball and we time the time it takes to fall to the bottom, as we know the radius of the ball, we can calculate the viscosity of the fluid.

The magnet serves to recover the ball from the bottom of the container without having to empty it.

Learning Objectives
  • Determination of the viscosity of liquids.
  • Determination of the coefficients of resistance of different bodies.
  • Measurement of the coefficients of resistance of spheres against the Reynolds number.
Technical Data
    • Dimensions:
      • Ø = 50 mm.
      • Test length 1.000 mm.
    • Material: Metacrilato tranparente
    • Spheres of different diameters and materials:
      • 8 stainless steel balls and different diameters.
      • 7 polyamide balls and different diameters.
Other elements:
    • A stopwatch is included.

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