FL 06.2 – Bernoulli

The equipment FL 06.2 is a simple equipment that further explore the Bernoulli equation and its proof.


The machine has a multi-tube manometer in which we can read simultaneously the different pressures along the canal.

The connection to hydraulics bench (not included) is performed with a threaded link standing without tools, and the conexions are self-sealants, fast connections that keep the water out when you  disconnect.

The user manual clearly shows and with a large number of images, the entire process to be followed to operate the equipment. The practical manual shows and explains all the theoretical foundations, as well as the mathematical formulas used for the realization of all the experimentation.

Together with the user manual, a completely resolved manual is given with the data to be obtained during the practice with the equipment. In this way, the teacher can easily check if the students are doing the job correctly.

For the study of the static, dynamic and total pressures, the equipment has a pitot tube, whose position within the venturi can be varied.

The DIKOIN gauge construction system, made of transparent glass and methacrylate machined and polished, makes it possible to clearly visualize if there are any bubbles in the system that can divert the measurement.

Learning Objectives

Demostration of Bernoulli´s equation along a venturi.

  • Calculating the pressure drop of a venturi.
  • Study of static, dynamic and full pressure.
Technical Data


  • Main pipe:
  • Øinternal = 28,2 mm.
  • Øexternal = 32 mm.



  • Multimanometer 7 columns of water, measuring rango 600 water drop.
    • Hydraulic Bench FL 01.4.

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