FL 06.2 – Bernoulli

The equipment FL 06.2 is a simple equipment that further explore the Bernoulli equation and its proof.


The FL 06.2 equipment is a simple equipment in which to study in depth the Bernoulli equation and its proof.

The equipment has a multitube manometer in which we can simultaneously read the different pressures along the duct.

The connection to the hydraulic bench (not included) is made with a threaded connection that is placed without the need for tools, and those of the pressure gauge are self-sealing quick connections, which do not let the water escape when disconnected.

Learning Objectives
Some of the learning objectives of this equipment are the following:
    • Demonstration of the equation of Bernoulli in a Venturi nozzle.
    • Calculation of the losses in a Venturi nozzle.
    • Study of the static, dynamic and total pressures.
    • Study of the Venturi nozzle as a flow measurer and calculation of the unloading coefficient.
Technical Data


  • Main pipe:
  • Øinternal = 28,2 mm.
  • Øexternal = 32 mm.



  • Multimanometer 7 columns of water, measuring rango 600 water drop.
    • Dikoin Hydraulic Bench.

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