FL 06.3 – Cavitation Study

The demonstration equipment of the CAVITATION phenomenon is a simple equipment that is coupled to a hydraulic bench or any other source of hydraulic power supply.


It consists of a venturi tube in which throat occurs the phenomenon of cavitation due to the depression created in it by the acceleration of the flow (Venturi effect).

For a correct observation of the phenomenon, the methacrylate venturi has been constructed.

The equipment also has two pressure gauges with which we can measure the overpressures and depressions produced. A regulating valve is used to regulate the flow rate, which allows fine adjustment of the flow.


  • The equipment can be connected to the hydraulic bank and to the hydraulic group with flow meter.
  • Optimal visualization of the phenomenon under study, for the manufacture of the venturi tube in transparent material and

black background.

Learning Objectives
  • Demostration of Bernoulli´s Theorem along a Venturi tube.
  • Calculation of the pressure loss of a Venturi tube.
  • Calibration and use of the Venturi tube as a flow meter.
  • Cavitation study.
Technical Data

Internal diameters

  • Principal tube Øinterior = 21,2 mm; Øexterior = 25 mm.



  • Bourdon type pressure gauge, reading range – 10,33 mca / 25 m c.a.


Venturi tube:

  • Throat dimensions 6×6 mm. Material: methacrylate.



  • Includes regulating valve.
  • All connections are fast and double sealed.
    • Hydraulic group with flow meter.
    • Hydraulic bench FL 01.4; FL 01.5; FL 01.6 o FL 01.7.

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