FL 07.2 – Centrifugal Fan

This equipment has been developed for the study of the characteristics of a centrifugal fan, through the realization of a wide range of practices and experiences.


A pitot tube allows the measurement of air velocity at any diametral point of the tube, measuring the position of the tube through a digital display.

The vertical and inclined manometers allow a correct reading of the pressures.

The equipment is supplied with 2 different impellers (blades tilted forward and backward), which can be exchanged in a very simple way. Through a control of 3 positions we control the direction of rotation of the motor.

The frequency shifter allows the variation of the speed of rotation, while we observe the consumed electrical power in a wattmeter.

Through a conical cap in the air outlet we can cause an adjustable pressure drop, and study the operating points of the fan.

Learning Objectives
  • Study and obtaining the characteristic curves of a centrifugal fan of straight blades.
    • Static pressure – flow (Dpe – Q).
    • Total pressure – flow (DPt – Q)
    • Power – flow (P-Q)
    • Efficiency – flow (h-Q).
  •  Study and obtaining the characteristic curves of a centrifugal fan of forward curved blades.
    • Static pressure – flow (DPe – Q)
    • Total pressure – flow (DPt – Q)
    • Power – flow (P-Q)
    • Efficiency – flow (h-Q).
  • Study of the regulation of a centrifugal fan by varying its speed of rotation. Obtaining new characteristic curves at different revolutions.
  • Use of the Pitot tube. Difference between static, dinamic and total pressure.
  • Obtaining the profile of flow velocities in the suction line.
  • Measurement of the flow using the Pitot tube.
Technical Data
Inner diameters
    • Aspiration pipe
      • Øinterior = 114 mm
      • Øexterior = 120 mm
    • Impulsion pipe
      • Øinterior = 114 mm
      • Øexterior = 120 mm
Fan characteristics
    • Maximum pressure increase 700 Pascales.
    • Maximum flow 1.000 m3/h.
    • Rated power of the engine 250 W.
    • Rotational speed 2.810 r.p.m. a 50 Hz.
    • Manómetros verticales de 100 mm.c.a.
    • Manómetro inclinado 50 mm.c.a.
Other elements
    • Frecuency variable:
      • Rated power of the engine: 0.37kW
      • Maximum current of the input fuse: 10A
      • Input current at typical full load: 5.8A
      • Output Current RMS 100%: 2.2A
      • Intensity of overload 150%(during 60seg): 3.3A
      • Minimum value of brake resistor 68.
    • Power indicator 0-400W
    • Pitot tube Ø3 mm in L de 200mm lenght.
    • Supplied impellers:
      • With blades inclined forward.
      • With blades inclined backward.
  • Power Supply: 230V/50Hz.

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