FLB 13.1 – Dead Weight Calibrator

There are different methods to measure the pressure, for example by means of the pressure gauges.

One is due to consider that the pressure can be expressed in reference to an arbitrary origin. The scale of the pressure gauge indicates zero when the measurer is open to the atmospheric pressure and, over zero, is calibrated generally in pascals (as in the case of the pressure gauge provided with this equipment) or in other units of pressure.

The objective that is tried to reach with this equipment is to determine the read error of a Bourdon pressure gauge, since, to guarantee the exactitude and precision of these pressure gauges, it is necessary to make processes of calibration and continuous evaluation of the instrument.

For that procedures will be made destined to verify this exactitude and precision using a dead weight calibrator.

Learning Objectives
  • Study of how a manometer works.
  • Manometer calibration.
Technical Data
Measurement ranges:
    • Bourdon type manometer 0 – 250 kPa.
      • 1x 2500 gr
      • 1x 1000 gr
      • 1x 500 gr
Stainless steel piston:
    • Piston area: 300 mm2
    • Set weight: 500 gr

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