FL 01.2 – Flow by weirs

Built on the surface of “Hydraulics Bench FL 01.4” (not included), for which dumps different ways that engage in the same plates are supplied channel is used.


The height of the upstream weir plate is measured by an inclined manometer connected by a pipe to the channel bottom.

The manual shows clearly and with a lot of images, the hole process to operate the equipment.

The instruction manual explains and shows all the theoretical foundations, as well as all the mathematic expressions used during the experimentation.

Learning Objectives


Study and use of landfills for thin wall flow measurement:

  • Rectangular weir without lateral contraction.
  • Rectangular Weir lateral contraction.

· Triangular weir.

Technical Data
  • Rectangular weir plate contraction.
  • Rectangular weir plate contraction of width 50 mm x 100 mm high.
  • Triangular weir plate 90 with 100 mm high.
  • System height measurement of water depth to the nearest 0.1 mm.
  • Maximum flow 100 liters / min.
  • Inclined manometer reading of the water level with bubble level.
  • Reassuring Flow.
  • Hydraulic bench FL 01.4

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