FL 15.1 – Forced Vortex

The aim of this equipment unit is the visualization and study of the paraboloid that is generated in a liquid when it is subjected to uniform rotation.


The equipment is autonomous and easily placed in the laboratory because it does not require any type of installation.

Liquids with different densities can be used to study how density affects the formation of the parabola.

Learning Objectives
  • Study and determination of the paraboloid generated by a liquid subjected to uniform rotation.
  • Study of the variations produced in the paraboloid generated when changing the rotational speed.
Technical Data
    • Material: Methacrylate.
    • Cylindrical tank of Æ 200 x 275 mm.
    • Inner diameter of the cylindrical tank Æ 194 mm.
    • Horizontal-axis distance gauge, accurate up to one
        hundredth of a centimetre.
    • Vertical height gauge with interlock every 10 mm.
    • Direct current electric motor  M17-0.50-1D5-E6-A
    • Torque of 0.50 Nm.
    • Intensity of 1.5 A.
Other elements
    • Digital programmable display.
    • Photoelectric detector.
    • Speed regulator.
  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz.

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