TH 01.4 – Friction Brake Kaplan Turbine

The TH 01.4 equipment simulates a small-scale installation with a Kaplan turbine.


The equipment comes with 3 propellers with different input and output angles, which can be exchanged quickly and easily.

The equipment is designed for the study and display both the behavior and the characteristics of a Kaplan turbine.

Learning Objectives
    • Turbine characteristic curves:
      • Torque – speed (M-n) *.
      • Brake power – speed (Pe- n) *.
      • Performance – speed (h– n).*
      • Torque – U (M-U).
      • Brake power – U (Pe- U).
      • Performance – U (h– U).
    •   Iso-performance curves.
Technical Data
    • Bourdon type with glycerin.
Brake Type:
    • Friction Brake.
    • Type: Kaplan
    • Number of runner blades: 6
    • Angle of the wheel blades: Variable, through an exchange of propellers.
    • 6 adjustable guide blades
    • 2 x Dynamometer 2 kg x 10 gr.
• Hydraulics Bench FL 01.7.
* For the measurement of the rotation speed is required a tachometer or an stroboscope
NOTE:The image shown is indicative.

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