FL 01.7 – High Flow Hydraulic Bench

The Large Stream Hydraulic Bench is designed as a worktop, on which a great variety of teaching equipment can be used, when a large flow of water is needed.


This version of Hydraulic Bench has two pumps connected in parallel, which allows to carry out twice as much work as with a traditional hydraulic bench.

It also has two volumetric tanks of different sizes, for the measurement of small and large flows. This equipment is specially designed to be used along with hydraulic turbines, but it can also be operated as a standard bench, with the pumps being connected separately.

The bench has connections by connecting nuts and a quick plug (supplied with 2 meters of flexible hose), so that the installation of the different work equipment is quick and simple. It also has a drain that allows a faster discharge when working with large streams.

The Large Stream Hydraulic Bank also has an interchangeable section, where an electronic flowmeter can be optionally coupled for the accurate and quick reading of the working flow rates.

The user manual clearly shows and with a large number of images, the entire process to be followed for the operation of the equipment. The practical manual shows and explains all the theoretical foundations, as well as the mathematical formulas used to carry out all the experimentation.

The equipment has pressure ports prepared to be able to perform the analysis and calculation of the characteristic curve of the pump. The lower tank has a coupling for easy filling and emptying of the equipment. The upper tanks have calibrated rules to facilitate the work of the student in the flow measurements.

Learning Objectives

With the equipment, the following practices can be performed, among others:

  • Calibration of a volumetric tank.
  • Measurement of volumetric flow rates.
Technical Data
Pump Characteristics:
  • 2 pumps in parallel.
  • Maximum manometric height 24 m wc.
  • Flow: 20 / 120 l/min or 240 l/min.
  • Manometric height: 23 / 12 m wc.
  • Consumed power 0,55 kW (0,75 HP) or 1,1 kW (1,5 HP).
  • Turning speed 2900 r.p.m. (50 Hz).
  • Storage capacity in lower tank: 120 litres. (available version with 250 l) .
  • Measurement of levels by vertical manometers, and calibrated rules in liters.
  • Upper calibration tanks.
    • 0 to 8 litres.
    • 0 to 40 litres.
  • Width x lenght x height: 1300 x 845 x 975 mm.
Included ancillary:
  • Stop-watch.
    • Input: 230V/50Hz.

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