FL 12.2 – Horizontal Free Jet Flow from a Tank

This equipment, has been designed for the study of all concerning the outlet of flow through orifices.


The water tank has adjustable height, reason why flow tests can be made in different conditions of pressure. The deposit has a scale that indicates the height of the level of liquid at every moment.

The equipment includes a panel with 8 indicating gauges, easily adjustable to the trajectory of the jet paths, and very simple to take the data.

The different nozzles are adjusted to the inner surface of the tank, obtaining the minimum possible disturbances.

On the other hand, the equipment has a built-in bubble level that allows us to know if the equipment has been correctly leveled, as well as vertically adjustable feet, to easily level the equipment.

The construction of the equipment in materials as aluminum or stainless steel, in all its metallic parts, guarantees the durability of it.

Learning Objectives
    • Determination of the speed coefficient.
    • Study of the trajectory of the jet path.
    • Determination of the contraction coefficient for different nozzles.
    • Comparison of the different nozzles.
    • Visual study of the difference of jet path based on the flow.
    • Influence of the water height in the jet path.
Technical Data
    • Dimensions: 160 Ø X 500 mm.
    • Max water height 410 mm
Measurement system:
    • 8 measurement point, with back scale.
    • Ø3
    • Ø6
    • Easy data taking
    • Easy nozzle change
    • Easy to control the water height level in the input tank
    • Easy installation on the hydraulic bench
  • Hydraulic bench FL 01.4 or FL 01.5 or FL 01.6

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