FL 09.2 – Hydraulic Ram

The FL09.2 is a equipment that aims to demonstrate and study the phenomenon known as water hammer, this phenomenon is the one that occurs due to the rapid closure of the passage of water through a pipe. The design of the equipment is made with special emphasis on the didactic field, so it is supplied with variable elements, to achieve a greater number of tests for a better understanding of the student.


The set has three different tanks which are located at different heights. One of them is used to make the water supply constant, for that we use a tank with pressurized air that homogenizes the water supply to the raised tank. In order that the fluid does not return to this tank this is supplied with a non-return valve. In the case of the other two tanks one has a fixed level overflow and the other an adjustable level overflow which is the tank which is situated at a higher height.

The equipment has a quick-closing valve which allows the flow generated by the overpressure to be cut in the pipe that causes the water hammer phenomenon.

In addition, the equipment has two lengths of pipes of different lengths (one section will be of a length of 1m and the other section will have a length of 3m), which allows to perform different tests , exchanging the hoses and performing a greater number of tests.

Learning Objectives
  • Visualization and analysis of the water hammer phenomenon caused by the closing of a valve.
  • Hydraulic ram functioning.
  • Air chamber functioning.
  • Theoretical flow rate.
  • Volumetric performance.
  • Efficiency of the hydraulic ram.
  • Study of the difference in the operation of the phenomenon in function of:
    • the lenght of the supply pipe
    • the volume of air in the chamber
    • the speed of the flow of supply
Technical Data
    • Deposits:
        • Transparent PVC tank with fixed level overflow.
        • Transparent PVC tank with adjustable level overflow.
        • Pipe of Ø inner 16 mm.
        • Short section: 1 meters
        • Long section: 3 meters
      Hydraulic ram:
        • Flow rate: 240 l/h
        • High flow: 40 l/h
        • Maximum lift height: 250 mm
  • Hydraulic bench FL 01.4.