MM02 – Mounting Kit: Plunger Compressor

The assembly bench MM02 contains everything necessary to introduce the student to a project of assembly of a compressor of plunger, object under study.


The kit is supplied with two piston compressors: one under service conditions and one disassembled. In addition, the necessary tools are included for the assembly of the latter, so that is possible the analysis of the cutting at any time in front of the complete assembly.
The bank also has drawers where to store the material, a front panel in which to place the necessary didactic material.

Learning Objectives

The practice contains the necessary instructions for the assembly and disassembly of both devices, in addition to the necessary guidelines to carry out the maintenance and repair of the same.

Technical Data
Characteristics of the compressor
    • Power of 1.5 KW or 2CV
    • Suction performance 260/min
    • C.f.m FAD (free air delivery) 9.2
    • Maximum pressure 8 bar or 116 psi
    • Maximum rotational speed 1180 rpm
    • Number of cylinders 2
    • Number of phases 1

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