IT 03.2 Natural and Forced Convection Heat Transfer

The IT 03.2 trainer is a very useful desktop unit for the study of heat transfer by natural or forced convection.


The equipment operation involves passing air through a duct, which is heated up by a series of elements with different geometric surfaces. A fan is installed for the study of forced convection .

The equipment has a hand-controlled module, and can also be connected to a computer by a USB. In addition to reading all the values, the equipment can be controlled from the software display on the PC (PC and software are not included).

The equipment to be used from a computer requires a 64-bit Operating System for Windows 7 or a later version.

Learning Objectives
  •  Study of heat dissipation by natural convection.
  • Study of heat dissipation by forced convection.
  • The study of differences in heat transfer with different sink models.
  • Calculation of parameters transfer phenomenon:
    • Efficiency.
    • Heat transfer coefficient.
    • Dissipated energy (or heat transfer).
  • Calculation of number of Reynolds and Nusselt.
Technical Data
  • Convection tower section 120x120mm
  • Length convection tower: 1 m.
  • Air speed with forced ventilation, regulated: 0 – 4 m/s
  • Power of heating elements, regulated: 0 – 150W
  • Maximum flow rate 200 m3 / h.
  • Double safety system for protection of the heating.
  • 3 heaters are supplied with the following ways:
    • Heater tube bundle.
    • Flat plate heater.
    • Heater vertical fins.
  • Surface temperature sensor is provided to take the temperature in different parts of the heaters.
  • The equipment is supplied with an electronic control module with LCD display.
  • The equipment can be controlled from a PC with USB. PC and software not included.
  •  Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz.

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