FL 14.2 – Reynolds Number

The goal of this equipment is to try to reproduce the experiment by Osborne Reynolds visualizing laminar, turbulent and transitional setting the Reynolds number corresponding to each flow.


The equipment comprises a water supply system for feeding a constant load center calibrated glass tube where the different types of flow are displayed studied.

In this central glass tube, a colorant from the container at the top of the device is injected, the dye is that it allows the perfect visualization of the phenomena referred to above.

Both the dye and deposit the glass tube equipped with valves for adjusting the amount of injected dye in the first case and the second flow.

Learning Objectives
  • Study, visualization and determination of the Reynolds number:
    • Laminar regime.
    • Transition regime.
    • Turbulent regime.
Technical Data
    • Calibrated glass tube 12 mm. internal diameter and 750 mm. in length.
    • Acrylic ink.
Device dimensions:
    • 450 x 660 x 1350 mm.
  • Water mains and drain.

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