FL 03.1 – Series and Parallel Pumps

With this equipment you can practice much of the operations, start-up, operation and necessary regulations in a pump installation.


One of the pumps is controlled by a frecuency variable, which allows varying the speed of rotation. Likewise, this pump has a measurement system of mechanical torque.

The flow rate is measured by an electronic flow meter.

In addition, you can make an study of the characteristics of a pump, working individually and in groups, in series or in parallel, performing a wide range of practices and experiences.

Learning Objectives
  • Start-up of a pump, analysis and study of different aspects to consider.
  • Priming pump.
  • Checking the sense of rotation.
  • Overcurrent produced in the engine.
  • Study and obtain the characteristic curves of a pump.

- Height – flow (H-Q).
- Hydraulic power – flow (P-Q).
- Torque – flow (M-Q).
- Mechanical efficiency – flow (m-Q).
- Mechanical power – flow (Pm – Q).
- Efficiency of the engine – flow (e-Q).
- Electric power – flow (Pe-Q).
- Total efficiency – flow (-Q).

  • Study of cavitation, and obtaining the N.P.S.H. Curve required-flow.
  • Study of the different forms of regulating a pump. Checking similarity laws.
  • Variation of the rotational speed. Obtaining the new characteristic curves.
  • Changing the operating point by varying the pumping installation.
  • Manoeuvred of the discharge valve.
  • Analysis of the same and different pumps working in group.
    • Characteristic curves operating in serie.
      Height – flow (H-Q).
      Power – flow (P-Q).
      Efficiency – flow (-Q).
    • Characteristic curves operating in parallel.
      Height – flow (H-Q).
      Power – flow (P-Q).
      Efficiency – flow (-Q).
Technical Data
  • Internal diameters:
    Suction pipe
    Øinterior = 45,2 mm.
    Øexterior = 50 mm.
    Drive pipe
    Øinterior = 34 mm.
    Øexterior = 40 mm.
  • Tank:
    Capacity: 250 litros
  • Manometers:
    Bourdon type with glycerin from –10 m.c.a. to 70 m.c.a.
    Bourdon type with glycerin from –10 m.c.a. to 35 m.c.a. (x3)
  • Pumps characteristics:
    Manometric height 22 m.c.a.
    Maximum flow 160 l/min. a 10 m.c.a.
    Power consumed 750 W.
    Rotational speed 2.900 r.p.m.
  • Otros elementos:
    Electronic flowmeter 1200-50000 l/h
    Dynamometer 2 Kg x 10 gr.
    Wattmeters de 0 a 1200 W.
    Frecuency variable 220V – 1,1 Kw.
  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz.

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