TC 07.1 – Tubular Heat Exchanger Trainer

The objective of this equipment is to study and know the operation of a concentric tube exchanger.

The principle of basic operation of any heat exchanger is the exchange of heat between two fluids, either because we want to cool or heat one of them.

Therefore, in the exchanger we always have a hot fluid that decreases its temperature along it, transmitting that heat to the cold fluid.

The equipment has a PC from which to control the entire process and record all the data.

Learning Objectives
  • Determination of the heat loss that occurs towards the outside.
  • Calculation of the Logarithmic Mean Temperature Difference.
  • Determination of the overall coefficient of experimental heat transmission.
  • Determination of the theoretical global heat transfer coefficient.
  • Calculation of effectiveness.
Technical Data
Dimensions: 1180 x 1210 x 1850 mm
Pump power: 55 W
Max flow: 300 L / h
Max pressure: 4,5 m wc
Power of the heater: 3000 W
Thermostat: 30 …. 90 ºC
Hot water tank: 20.5 litre
Hot water circuit:
Outer diameter: 15 mm.
Inner diameter: 12,4 mm.
Heat exchange length: 2 x 740mm
Cold water circuit:
Outer diameter: 22 mm.
Inner diameter: 20 mm.
Heat exchange length: 2 x 740mm
  • Electrical connection 230V/50Hz
  • Water input minimum of: 5 l/min
  • Waste water connection

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