TC 01.5 – Double Jacketed Vessel and Coil Heat Exchanger

This type of exchanger is generally used in the chemical and process industry, when a very well adjusted temperature is needed.


The exchanger can work with the vessel, or with the coil, and also there is the possibility to work with a continuous flow in the vessel, or to heat a given quantity of water.

This exchanger also has a thermocouple to keep a continuous reading of the fluid temperature inside the vessel, as well as a variable-speed mixer, to study how it affects heat exchange.

Learning Objectives
  • Energy balance in the exchanger
  • Temperature log mean value difference study
  • Determination of the global coeficient of heat transfer
  • Efectivity calculation
Technical Data
  • Dimensions: 440 x 250 x 430 mm
  • Inner vessel capacity: 1840 cm3
  • Coil lenght: 290 cm
  • Coil-inner vessel exchange surface: 0,044 m2
  • Exterior vessel capacity: 1691,5 cm3
  • Inner-outer vessel exchange surface: 0,0899 m2

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