TH 03.4 – Electric Brake Kaplan Turbine

The TH 03.4 equipment simulates a small-scale installation with a Kaplan turbine.


The wheel blades of the turbine allow variation of the pitch angle manually.

Through various system indicators, you can view all the variables that come into play in transforming energy.

The equipment is designed for the study and display both the behavior and the characteristics of a Kaplan turbine.

Learning Objectives
  • Turbine characteristic curves:
    • Torque – speed (M-n).
    • Brake power – speed (Pe- n).
    • Performance – speed (h – n).
    • Torque – U (M-U).
    • Brake power – U (Pe- U).
    • Performance – U (h– U).
  • Iso-performance curves.
  • Set performance turbine electric generator.
Technical Data
    • Bourdon type with glycerin.
Brake Type:
    • Electric brake.
    • Type: Kaplan
    • Number of runner blades: 6
    • Angle of the wheel blades: Variable, through an exchange of propellers.
    • 6 adjustable guide blades
Other elements:
    • DC generator 100 W.
    • Electronic revolution counter
    • Load cell for measuring the torque.
  • Hydraulics Bench FL 01.7.
  • Power supply: 230V / 50Hz.
NOTE:The image shown is indicative.