FL 01.4 – Hydraulic Bench

The hydraulic bench is designed as a work surface to give support to a great variety of teaching equipment that requires a wáter flow. Installation is simple and hands-on oriented.


The hydraulic bench is designed as a work table, on wich you could install a big variety of didactic equipment in need of a input flow, guaranteeing a simple and practical use.

The upper or working tank it has two volumetric tanks of different sizes. With the purpuse of obtain measutements as accurately as possible, the upper tank has a two-volume volume meter, one calibrated 0-8 liters dor more accurate readings and another 0-40 liters for higher flow rates. This last one also has a drain plug, which can be used to retain the fluid or failing to evacuate quickly.

The lower tank can retain a maximum of 120 liters of water and it has a drain valve, and a minimum and maximum level meter.

The flow control valve is arranged in an ergonomic way, so that the user does not need to bend down for handling.

The connection of the different equipment is done by means of quick union nuts, in an agile and simple way, and does not require tools (for example, screwdrivers or keys).

Learning Objectives

With the equipment is possible to do among others, the following learning practices:

  • Calibration of a volumetric tank.
  • Measurement of flow rates with volumetric tank.
Technical Data
Pump Characteristics:
  • Maximum manometric height 24 m wc.
  • Flow: 20 / 120 l/min.
  • Manometric height: 23 / 12 m wc.
  • Consumed power 0,55 kW (0,75 HP).
  • Turning speed 2900 r.p.m. (50 Hz).
  • Storage capacity in lower tank: 120 litres. (available version with 250 l) .
  • Measurement of levels by vertical manometers, and calibrated rules in liters.
  • Upper calibration tanks.
    • 0 to 8 litres.
    • 0 to 40 litres.
  •  1300 x 845 x 975 mm.
Included ancillary:
  • Stop-watch. 
    • 230 V / 50 Hz, 1 phase.

NOTE: The equipment does not include the adapter for the 500 mm section.