FL 10.2 – Metacentric Height

The principle of Archimedes says that: “Every body submerged in a liquid experiences a vertical thrust and upward equal to the weight of the liquid dislodged”.

With this equipment is intended to study and calculate the metacentric height of a floating body, which pretends to be a boat.


It is called metacenter to the point of intersection of the vertical axis of the boat or floating object, with the vertical drawn from the center of hull.

The metacentric height is the distance between the metacenter and the center of gravity of the floating body.

In the study of the equilibrium of a floating object, such as a boat, we can distinguish three cases, are the following:

  • Stable equilibrium: If the metacenter is above the center of gravity of the body, it will remain in balance.
  • Unstable equilibrium: If the metacenter is under the center of gravity of the body, the deviation of the line of force from the

weight of the floating object with respect to the thrust of the fluid in which it floats form a torque, and therefore the deviation

tends to increase further.

  • Neutral equilibrium: If the metacenter coincides with the center of gravity of the body, the metacentric height will be equal to zero.

The user manual clearly shows and with a large number of images, the entire process to be followed to operate the equipment. Together with the user manual, a completely resolved manual is given with the data to be obtained during the practice with the equipment. In this way, the teacher can easily check if the students are doing the job correctly.

The practical manual shows and explains all the theoretical foundations, as well as the mathematical formulas used for the realization of all the experimentation.


2 Floating bodies with weights and scales for metacentric height calculation. Forms V and U.

Learning Objectives
  • Study and calculation of the methacentric height of a floating object.
  • Study of the Principle of Archimedes.
Technical Data


  • Outdoors dimensions 350 x 200 x 100 mm.
  • Walls thickness 6 mm.



  • Horizontally movable counterweight 500 gr.
  • Vertically movable weight by the mast 200 gr.

* The weight of the weights is calibrated for each supplied equipment .


Other data:

  • Maximum angular deviation 33º.
  • Counterweight lineal deviation ±90mm.
  • Barge total approximate weight 2.300 gr.
  • Mast height 400 mm.

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